Gain exceptional insights & make more intelligent business decisions

Sometimes you like to dance to the oldies. Who can blame you?

But to keep up with the competition, you've got to learn some new moves.'ve got to understand your business better. Much better. So leverage the power of big data and dance with the stars!

Rivet|MRO marketing analytics gives you the power of insight and the ability to manage your business on facts instead of hunches.

Industrial MRO distributors and manufacturers generate exceptional volumes of data that often goes unused as a tool for growth. Rive|MRO can help you tap this incredible resource. We will help you gain a deeper understanding of your customers that will drive better decision making and smarter investment.

From data assessment to descriptive analytics that detail your current state, to predictive analytics that give you a glimpse into the future or even allow you to explore "what-if" scenarios, Rivet|MRO provides you with a full range of marketing analytics services with an emphasis on providing actionable information that will help you drive improvements in revenue, profit and ROI.

  • Customer Data Profiling

  • Customer & Market Segmentation

  • Estimating Business Segment Potential by Customer

  • Forecasting Product Usage at the Customer and Prospect Levels

  • Projecting Customer Sales Patterns

  • Determining Customer Lifetime Value

  • Calculating Campaign Return on Investment

  • Cross-sell/Up-sell Modeling

  • Acquisition Modeling

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